Dear Committee

Thanks for all your effort and time dedicated to serving residents!

At Onsite, we provide software that empowers committees to effectively track repairs and maintenance, communicate with all residents, and more.

Tools to help manage your building

Buildings & Committees use Onsite in addition to their strata software. It provides a suite of tools that support ongoing building management. Onsite is not just for building managers; it's for everyone.

Track Repairs & Maintenance
  • Stay on top of repairs & maintenance items with an easy to use ticketing system.
  • Assign a user, and tag Units, Residents, Assets and Contractors for rich data capture.
  • Issue Quote Requests and Work Orders in seconds, and even enforce insurance compliance.
  • Complete audit timeline of updates for full transparency.
  • Broadcast Email & SMS to Owners, Investors, Agents & Tenants.
  • Deliverability Status - Know if a message has been Delivered, Bounced or even Opened.
  • Save time with an inbuilt AI Assistant to help draft messages.
Resident Experience
  • Frictionless Resident Portal to submit requests, book amenities, and download files.
  • Streamlined Move-In / Move-Out Workflows.
  • Rich Universal Search.
  • Automated Weekly Reporting.
  • Package Management.
  • Asset Register.

Data on your most important asset

Don't risk losing records when management changes. Secure a digital record of all your building data in Onsite. Say goodbye to endless email threads and hello to an easy-to-use platform that benefits the committee today, and long into the future.

Your Building subscribes to Onsite, meaning it owns its data. Critical information and knowledge is not lost when Strata or Building management companies change.

First 3 Months Free

For a limited time only, we're offering 3 months free & complimentary setup & data import to new customers. After this, you'll transition to our starter or premium plan. See our pricing page to learn more.

Pricing Example - 40 Units - $480 / yearly.

If you're already on another platform and would like to benefit from modern, easy to use system, we'd love to take over! You can transfer from another platform with no fee until renewal. We'll provide complimentary white glove data transfer.

How to implement Onsite

Getting started with Onsite. Either reach out to our team and set up a demo, or sign up today and to begin evaluating the platform through a demo account.

Ready to take a look?

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