Case & Work Order Management


Effortless Case Creation for Comprehensive Tracking

Managing a residential building involves keeping track of numerous repairs, incidents, and maintenance tasks. Onsite simplifies this process with an intuitive case management system. With just a few clicks, building managers can create detailed cases, ensuring that every aspect of building maintenance is recorded and monitored efficiently.

Seamless Work Order Issuance for Quick Resolution

Once a case is logged, the next step is often to address the issue. Onsite makes this transition smooth and effective. Directly from the case, building managers can issue work orders, assigning tasks to the right contractors with ease. This streamlined process reduces delays and helps in faster resolution of issues, enhancing tenant satisfaction.

Rich Media Attachments for Clarity and Precision

Understanding the exact nature of a problem is crucial for effective resolution. Onsite acknowledges this by allowing the attachment of images, documents, and even videos to each case. This feature enables building managers and contractors to gain a clear understanding of the issue, leading to more accurate and efficient repairs.

Direct Communication with Contractors

Efficient communication is key in building management. Onsite enhances this by enabling building managers to email work orders directly to contractors from the application. This feature not only saves time but also ensures that all relevant information is communicated accurately, reducing the chance of misunderstandings.

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