MyBOS vs BuildingLink

MyBOS Overview

MyBOS is a popular tool for building management. Founded in 2011 by Sam Khalef, the cloud based platform helped usher in a new era in digital building management in Australia.


BuildingLink Overview

BuildingLink was originally created for the US market, and was brought to Australia and other international markets by Niall Marshall's BuildingLink International in 2011.


MyBOS and BuildingLink Alternatives

MyBOS and BuildingLink are perhaps the most well known software in the building management space as they've been around the longest. More recently however, competitors such as Onsite have emerged, offering more modern functionality and competing on price and user experience. We'll include Onsite in this comparison.


MyBOS, BuildingLink, and Onsite provide a wide feature set for building management.

  • Resident and Owner Database
  • Parcel Management
  • Bulk Messaging (SMS/Email)
  • Case Management
  • Report Generation
  • Amenity Booking
  • Asset Management
  • Meter Records

Each platform takes a slightly different approach to their implementation. As such, it's important to demo the application yourself before making any commitment.

Onsite offers a no obligation free trail (opens in a new tab) so you can gain confidence the platform will meet your needs.


Neither MyBOS or BuildingLink advertise their pricing, however, we understand both platforms typically charge around $2 per unit, per month in addition to an initial setup fee. Pricing is based on the required functionality and will typically increase as 'modules' are added.

~$2 / unit~$3.6 / unitfrom $1 / unit
+ Setup Fee+ Setup FeeNo Setup Fee

Ease of Use

We found MyBOS generally easier to use that BuildingLink. There is some advanced functionality BuildingLink offers, however, most of the time this probably won't be needed and may add unnecessary complications. Building Mangers that have used a combination of all three platforms have reported that Onsite is the quickest to pickup, and more intuitive than MyBOS and BuildingLink.


MyBOS, BuildingLink, and Onsite are all easy to access with minimal downtime. Onsite and BuildingLink both provide a status page which details any recent downtimes.

BuildingLink users experienced a outage for well over a day in September 2022 after it was the target of a malware incident.


MyBOS, BuildingLink, and Onsite are all solid options for building management software.

We reckon Onsite takes the #1 spot right now for the following reasons:

  • Ease Of Use
    The clean and modern UI of Onsite makes it really easy to learn. If you can use Facebook or LinkedIn, you can use Onsite. It's intuitive.

  • Simple Case Creation
    Unlike the other platforms, residents can easily log issues simple by scanning a QR Code. No need to rollout an app.

  • Multi Site Dashboard
    If you're working across multiple buildings, Onsite allows you to see whats going on across all buildings in one central dashboard.

  • Local Developers and Support
    Onsite is developed locally, which makes it easy to get any changes. It's also been improving frequently with new functionality added weekly.

  • Integrations
    With over 5000+ integrations via Zapier, Onsite allows you to configure automation's that'll help you save time.