Service Level Agreement

Service Level Commitment

During the Subscription Term for which Onsite has agreed to provide a relevant product to you, we will use commercially reasonable efforts to provide a Monthly Uptime Percentage to you of 99.9%.

Service Credit

If we confirm there is a failure to meet the Service Level Commitment in a particular calendar month and you make a request for service credit within fifteen (15) days after the end of such calendar month, you will be entitled to a credit based on

(a) the monthly fees invoiced for the month experiencing such failure, if you have a monthly subscription plan or

(b) 1/12 of annual fees invoiced, if you have an annual plan

To receive a Service Credit, you must submit request to, and provide any reasonably requested information or documentation. Our monitoring and logging infrastructure is the source of truth for determining Monthly Uptime Percentage, errors and whether we have met the Service Level Commitment. All calendar months will be measured in the UTC time zone.

The service credit will be calculated as detailed below.

Less than 99.9% but greater than or equal to 98% = 5% Less than 99.9% but greater than or equal to 95% = 25% Less than 95% = 50%