What is a BMS and why do I need one?

Systems such as Onsite.fm provide a central place to manage all aspects of a building, and give visibility across the whole management team. Systems will typically include concierge utilities such as parcel tracking, communication tools for targeted and mass resident messaging. Other features include ticketing systems for managing preventive maintenance and compliance tasks.

Building management systems can also describe the systems that automatically manage lighting, HVAC systems, and other services in large buildings.

Systems generally feature 'modules' which can be toggled on/off as needed in a building. For example, a module for tracking pets may only be enabled in a residential setting.

When selecting a system it is important to consider several factors, including, features, price, and ease of use. If you will be providing access to residents, you may also consider the look and feel of an application. A new development may seek out a system that allow custom branding to be applied to the resident portal.

Property management groups may also consider features such as support for multiple sites, which may help with operational efficiency.

When choosing a system it's important to give it a trial before rolling it across an entire site. This will ensure you select a system that will meet you needs, and give you the opportunity to find any shortcomings before fully committing.

If you're considering implementing a building management system, our friendly team would love to disucss how Onsite.fm might be the right fit for your building.