Selecting Recipients

Onsite provides two fields to select recipients for a broadcast when creating a draft.

  • Audience - Select residents by type. eg. Select all Owner Occupiers & Tenants.

  • Groups - Restrict selection to a specific subset. eg. Restrict to only apartments in Block A.

If you need to send a broadcast to a more specific group of people, you can leave these fields empty. Once you've created the draft broadcast, you have the option to Add Recipients, where you can add specific people.

Sender Identity

When editing a broadcast, you have several options for the sender identity.

Current User

From: John Smith <>
Reply To: John Smith <>


From: Lux Apartments <>
Reply To: John Smith <>

Building (No Reply)

From: Lux Apartments <>

Organisation (Organisation users only)

From: Premium Management <>
Reply To: John Smith <>


You are required to create a draft broadcast to add attachments. Email attachments are limited to 5 mb. Should you wish to attach a larger file, we suggest hosting this file elsewhere and including a link to the file.


You can create and insert message templates by using the Templates button in the toolbar of the text editor.

AI Assistant

Onsite includes an AI Assistant to help draft broadcasts. When drafting a broadcast, click the 'Assistant' button to open the assistant.


Your email signature can be added in your account settings.