Introducing our New Media Display

We are thrilled to announce the latest addition to Onsite, the Media Display. This new feature is a powerful lobby display solution that enhances communication within your building.

What is the Media Display?

The Media Display is a dynamic tool that allows you to broadcast important announcements and information in your building's lobby. Whether it's informing residents about upcoming events, maintenance schedules, or policy updates, the Media Display ensures everyone stays informed.


Key Features


Share important messages with all residents quickly and effectively. From community events to emergency alerts, keep your building's occupants in the loop with eye-catching announcements displayed prominently in the lobby.

Package Notifications

The Media Display shows a list of units with packages ready for pick-up, making it easy for residents to know when their deliveries have arrived.

Customizable Content

Tailor the display content to fit your building's unique needs. Whether you want to highlight specific messages or adjust the design to match your building's aesthetic, the Media Display offers flexibility and control.