3 Benefits of Building Management Systems you cant ignore

Effective communication when it counts

Building management software can facilitate clear and effective communication within buildings. Bulk messaging tools enable building managers to share urgent communications via SMS and Email with the click of a button.


Asset and Equipment registers

Having a basic list of all the components and structures in a building is no longer sufficient. In addition to the equipment itself, its manufacturing manuals, usage instructions, and maintenance directions are also of paramount importance.

Asset registers are a fundamental element of any building management system (BMS). They facilitate the documentation of all building equipment and systems, as well as the related care and management processes. These records are not only necessary for building management, but also mandatory when transferring buildings to new owners.


An up-to-date Building Management System BMS is an invaluable tool to maintain compliance. From AFSS to Legionella testing, utilising a system like Onsite.fm enables you to effortlessly manage tasks via a user-friendly, ticket-based work order system. Additionally, linking files and documents to work orders ensures you have a reliable audit trail, bolstering your record-keeping capabilities.